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My experience with NewsDirect was exceptional, owing largely to Tom's attentiveness and responsiveness. He consistently addressed my questions and concerns, while proactively checking in to ensure everything was running smoothly on my end. I would wholeheartedly give NewsDirect a 10/10 rating, as they exceeded my expectations in both service quality and customer care.
Vlad Dobrescu
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Since day one, NewsDirect has felt like a true extension of our PR team. Their timeliness, guidance, and expertise stands out from the rest!
Katie Bell
Account Executive, BPCM
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News Direct has made distributing press releases not only easy, but enjoyable! The platform is incredibly user friendly and hasn't given me a single issue yet. Not to mention, their team was amazing during the onboarding process and for such a vital platform, it's important to trust the team behind it. Couldn't recommend more!
Cassidy Levine
Communications Manager, Spiceology
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News Direct is the wire service for today AND tomorrow. I really like the ease of use, great customer support, cutting edge communications tools and extensive reach.
Carleen Lyden Walker
CEO, Morgan Marketing & Communications
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As a four-decade public relations veteran in government and the private sector, I’ve used just about every news distribution service past and present, and News Direct is by far the most efficient, flexible and secure service I’ve known. It affords greater control and automation with a ‘no surprises’ pricing model that’s a game-changer. It’s my go-to distribution service for clients with nationwide and global distribution needs.
Paul Jacobson
Partner, SilversJacobson, Denver, CO.
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News Direct has been a breath of fresh air for our clients. The navigation in setting up news releases is so intuitive, and you feel in control. The added bonus is the evaluation piece; because we get direct access to the portal, there is transparency on all coverage analysis. We don't have to wait for coverage reports to be sent to us. Highly recommend this service.
Aneela Mahmood
CEO, Stockwood Strategies
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Very easy-to-use platform, and I like the photo/video asset functionality.
Carolyn Kamii
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My clients and I are getting everything I need and more from News Direct. Their media partnerships, reporting system and user experience are first class. If you are using a different wire service, I recommend giving News Direct a shot to earn your business. I'm glad I made the switch.
Eric Nemeth
PR & Marketing, LLC
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I really enjoyed using your platform. Super easy and intuitive.
Kendra Cole
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This is the best CX I have ever received from any company.
Sundeep Singhavi
Managing Partner/Founder DX Partners at CIPIO.ai
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I was extremely impressed with how intuitive News Direct is. You can literally copy a Google Doc into the text box and everything transfers over—links, bold text, etc. The multimedia functions are stellar and very convenient when incorporating media assets that are pertinent to the news being distributed.
Will Vogel
Kite Hill PR
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My experience with the News Direct team far exceeded my expectations for a newswire service. The team is so friendly, helpful, and extremely available. Seriously felt like I was getting VIP service!
Tatum Murray
Alison Brod PR
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As a public relations professional, I find it extremely useful that the News Direct platform provides the easy feature to edit and re-schedule releases before crossing the wire. Often time, clients provide last minute edits to content, which can be frustrating to update in other platforms. With News Direct, it's a seamless process to collaborate with team members, make final tweaks, and publish releases.
Ally O'Hara
Hot Paper Lantern
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I don't recall a Business Wire news release distribution ever generating media inquiries and coverage (beyond automatic news placements). Not true for News Direct. We've received a handful of coverage and media queries from the few announcements we've issued in recent weeks on the platform. Anecdotally, I'd say the move from B-Wire to News Direct was a good one.
Corporate Communications professional
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I really like how easy it is to use News Direct, and their entire team is extremely helpful and straightforward. Very transparent, easy-to-understand, flat-fee billing as well.
Chris B.
PR professional
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The team at News Direct is responsive, professional, and most importantly, gets results! I cannot emphasize how easy the process was and how amazing they are to work with as a partner—outstanding leadership and technology. I see no need to use another wire service again. Highly recommend them.
Bryan Koegel
Chief Growth Officer, Morey Creative Studios
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I looked at the performance report and am very happy with the results!
Carolyn Kamii PR
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I recommend News Direct for the flexibility and diversity of how and what I can distribute, from videos to traditional press releases. I'm able to send out more news via different formats, and the cost savings are a great bonus.
Jason J.
VP, Communications
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News Direct makes sharing news, information, and other content quick and efficient. Its perspicuous platform is simple to navigate, allowing communicators to distribute news releases (including graphics and videos) that cut through the clutter and engage journalists and relevant stakeholders. Top-tier pick-up is impressive, and often immediate. The more-than-competitive pricing allows us to stretch budgets and provide increased service to clients. The lack of additional surprise fees for logos, micro-targeting, or word count overages makes budgeting and planning a breeze. My job is made easier by the demonstrable results and significant savings of time and client resources.
Dan Rene
Managing Director, kglobal
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News Direct makes creation and distribution seamless. I like how intuitive the platform is. The support provided has been stellar as well.  It's a quick process, so it helps our team meet deadlines and distribute at precise times. I honestly cannot think of anything I don't like.
Joe C.
Communications Specialist

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