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Let's Play Music Launches Online Platform for Children's Music Lessons

Prodigy Press Wire

Innovative music education program Let's Play Music has launched an online platform for its foundational music class for children from four to six years old. The platform will allow students that live far from a licensed Let's Play Music teacher to enroll in the three-year program that begins teaching music at a young age through play, incorporating music theory, piano technique, classical music, and ear training. Let's Play Music, which was founded by Shelle Soelberg in 1998, operates under the philosophy that, to be most effective, music education should begin as early as possible, typically at the ages of four or five, in live classrooms with around seven or eight students. Classes are usually conducted at a licensed teacher's private studio or in a commercial music studio. However, COVID pandemic restrictions prompted Let's Play Music to figure out alternative ways of teaching music. Let's Play Music also noticed demand for its results-based program coming from areas out of the reach of its around 450 licensed teachers across the US and Canada. According to Soelberg, these factors influenced the decision to bring the program online. Let's Play Music created videos of the entire three-year curriculum, composed of 30 weekly lessons per year, for a total of 90. These were designed as an interactive learning model for one child at home, with guidance from a parent or adult guardian, who live more than 30 miles from the nearest Let's Play Music teacher. Each video is 30 minutes long and is supplemented with a 15-minute live online call with a certified teacher, which ensures that the student is able to understand the concepts and absorb the skills correctly. The online program also includes all the needed learning materials in a kit that will be shipped to the student's residence for each semester. “While we believe that face-to-face classes are the best way to teach music, we realized that it's not always possible, especially with how big the US is. We're always looking to certify more teachers in the Let's Play Music method, and we want to make them accessible to every child. But, until that happens, we are offering the next best alternative by allowing children to access our program online,” Soelberg says. Let's Play Music's online classes are available only for its three-year flagship curriculum, but it also offers two other live programs for children of different ages. The Sound Beginnings program is for children four years old and below and a caregiver. It provides a solid preschool foundation for the main Let's Play Music program by using movement, instrument play, nursery rhymes, stories, ear training, singing, and solfege. For kids seven to eight years old who missed the window to start the Let's Play Music program, there is the Presto program, which adapts the main program for older children and compresses it to two years. According to Soelberg, graduates of the Let's Play Music and Presto programs are able to play the piano and can easily learn to play any other instrument. They also come out with a wide variety of musical skills and are able to compose their own pieces of music. She says that conventional music teaching programs have only 20% of students remaining after three years. Let's Play Music inverts this statistic, and it boasts an 80% completion rate for its three-year program. “Let's Play Music is unique because we aim to capture the music learning window – when the child's mind is most capable of absorbing musical concepts – and we actually do something with it. Unlike other young children's music programs, we implement sequential learning and intentionally build on previous concepts in a way that allows students to fully grasp and play music. It's a very ordered curriculum that guarantees results.” she says. Media contact Name:Shelle Soelberg Email: Release ID: 633473

June 02, 2023 03:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Patagonia Lithium seizes Argentina’s lithium opportunity

Patagonia Lithium Limited

Patagonia Lithium Ltd (ASX:PL3) executive chairman Phil Thomas walks Proactive’s Elisha Newell through high-grade lithium assays from the Formentera And Cilon Projects in Argentina. Samples returned up to 1,122 parts per million lithium and boast very low magnesium ratios, providing impetus for an 18-kilometre geophysics study to determine resistivity depth. Thomas also discuses a low resistivity unit that’s taking shape along the Tomas III concession and outlines what’s next for the company on its Argentinian lithium journey. Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744

June 02, 2023 03:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Green Technology Metals buoyed by Root Bay Lithium amid LGES deal

Green Technology Metals Ltd

Green Technology Metals Ltd (ASX:GT1) CEO Luke Cox briefs Proactive on the company’s deal with battery giant LG Energy Solutions (LGES) and growing resource prospectivity at the Root Bay lithium prospect in Ontario, Canada. Cox says infill drilling is underway following an initial campaign, wherein Root Bay delivered some of the highest grade lithium from any of GT1’s projects to date. The findings come just one week after the company attracted a A$20 million strategic investment and offtake deal with LGES, priming it to bring its Seymour asset through exploration and feasibility work. Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744 Company Website

June 02, 2023 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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ChatGPT’s Ethereum Price Prediction for June is $2,100, These Tokens Might Also Explode

Finance News

It's been an up-and-down week for Ethereum investors, with the token's price dropping by 4% before reversing from the $1,850 level. $ETH investors are now wondering where the token will go next – and ChatGPT has provided some insights that could prove invaluable. Alongside ChatGPT's thoughts on Ethereum, the model has highlighted several altcoins that could experience significant price swings in the latter half of 2023. ChatGPT Anticipates Return to $2,100 for $ETH At the time of writing, $ETH is hovering around the $1,880 level, having experienced significant volatility over the past day. The token is positioned just below the vital $1,900 level, where price was halted in its tracks on Monday. Ethereum has not consistently traded above this level since mid-April, when price soared past the $2,000 region for the first time in eight months. Unfortunately, this bullish momentum was short-lived, and the $ETH price has sunk to the current level. Fortunately for Ethereum bulls, ChatGPT is highly optimistic about the token's prospects for the short term. According to ChatGPT, $ETH could return to the $2,100 level by the end of the month. This would represent an 11% boost from today’s price. This optimistic forecast will be an encouraging sign for $ETH investors, who have seen the token struggle to maintain a consistent uptrend in recent weeks. Wall Street Memes Explosive Presale Sets Stage for Future Success Aside from Ethereum, ChatGPT is also bullish on several other cryptos – with Wall Street Memes ($WSM) being the one the model is most optimistic about. Wall Street Memes is a recently-launched presale cryptocurrency inspired by the super-popular WallStreetBets Reddit community, which has ingrained itself in social media meme culture. Although Wall Street Memes' presale only kicked off last Friday, it has already generated massive attention from retail traders, leading to over $2.7 million in investment. Investors have been eagerly buying $WSM, Wall Street Memes’ native token, due to the power of the project’s community – which is formed of over 1.1 million “degens." Per the Wall Street Memes whitepaper, the $WSM token will be used to give back to community members, allowing them to gain exposure to its future evolution and growth. The project is already seeing immense traction, with the Wall Street Memes Telegram channel growing exponentially over the past week as traders pile in to learn more about the development team’s ambitions. Due to these factors, ChatGPT expects the $WSM token to explode once listed on major exchanges in Q4 2023. According to ChatGPT, $WSM could reach $0.15 by the end of 2023 – 466% higher than the current presale price. Overall, the compelling combination of community engagement, early traction, and strong future potential positions $WSM as a lucrative investment opportunity for meme coin lovers worldwide. Visit Wall Street Memes Presale AI-Powered Crypto yPredict Expected to Rocket According to ChatGPT Another crypto that ChatGPT expects to rise in value is the AI-powered analytics platform yPredict ($YPRED). yPredict differs significantly from Wall Street Memes, since instead of being a community-driven meme coin, the project revolves around providing cutting-edge tools for crypto traders. This innovative platform is designed to address the challenges of predicting crypto market trends – and does so by offering traders access to data-driven insights that are usually reserved for institutional investors. As noted in yPredict’s whitepaper, the ecosystem will contain an array of analytical metrics alongside a unique predictive model marketplace. In this marketplace, AI experts can sell their predictive models, which retail traders can subscribe to using $YPRED – yPredict's native transactional token. $YPRED can also be used as an investment vehicle, allowing holders to benefit from the growth of the yPredict platform, which already has over 20,000 people on its waiting list. Naturally, this trailblazing setup has caught the interest of ChatGPT – with the model estimating that $YPRED tokens could reach a high of $0.30 by the end of 2023. This would be a 233% return for those who opted to invest during the current stage of yPredict’s presale. All in all, by offering a blend of futuristic AI technology and significant upside potential, $YPRED stands as an enticing opportunity for traders in the fast-paced crypto landscape. Visit yPredict Presale Ecoterra Inspires Eco-Friendly Investors & Continues to Hit Fundraising Milestones Lastly, ChatGPT has also made reference to Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA) as one of the new crypto projects that could be set for a successful end to 2023. Like Wall Street Memes and yPredict, Ecoterra is in its presale phase, which has now raised $4.6 million from early investors. Much of the buzz around Ecoterra is being caused by the project’s clear focus on promoting sustainability throughout the crypto market. Ecoterra's ecosystem includes a first-of-its-kind Recycle2Earn app, which has a rewards system that sees users earn $ECOTERRA tokens every time they recycle used materials. Moreover, Ecoterra’s whitepaper notes that the platform will also have a carbon offset marketplace that enables individuals and businesses to counterbalance their carbon emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits using $ECOTERRA. Ecoterra even aims to connect recyclers and businesses through the recycled materials marketplace, allowing companies to purchase used materials using cryptocurrency. The $ECOTERRA token is set to debut on exchanges later this year – and ChatGPT expects its launch to be a success. Per ChatGPT, $ECOTERRA could hit $0.03 by the end of the year, which is 252% higher than the current presale price. With the backing of ChatGPT, Ecoterra could emerge as a strong contender in the crypto space, riding the wave of environmental consciousness. Visit Ecoterra Presale Contact Details Finance News Alex Brown

June 02, 2023 01:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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SpiderRock Advisors Named a Finalist in the 2023 Industry Awards

SpiderRock Advisors

SpiderRock Advisors (“SpiderRock”), a leading provider of customized options strategies in the U.S. wealth market, today announced it had been named a Finalist in the 2023 Industry Awards for Thought Leadership Advisor Education. SpiderRock Advisors provides customized option overlays to registered investment advisors, family offices, national broker/dealers, and institutional clients, with a focus on risk management, yield enhancement, and strategies for concentrated positions. SpiderRock has more than $3 billion in assets under management. SpiderRock has been named a Finalist based on its work in evangelizing volatility as an asset class among financial advisors. “This recognition is especially meaningful for us because advisor education on the role of options strategies to both protect and enhance portfolios is vital to our strategy,” said Eric Metz, founder and CEO of SpiderRock Advisors. “Many financial advisors have avoided options largely because they’ve feared the complexity and the perceived challenge of scaling them through their clients’ portfolios. We are honored that our approach in making it easier for advisors to manage and integrate option overlays into their clients’ portfolios is being recognized in our industry.” Now in its ninth year, the Industry Awards, known as the Wealthies, is the only awards program of its kind to honor outstanding achievements by companies, organizations and individuals that support financial advisor success. A panel of judges made up of top names in the industry, led by director of editorial strategy and operations David Armstrong, chose the finalists and will determine the winners, which each year recognizes the firms and individuals who are bringing new innovations to market that make a real difference to the daily activities of financial advisors. Winners will be announced at a gala and awards ceremony in New York City on September 7th. “The Industry Awards are a beacon, illuminating the trailblazers and innovators who are shaping the future of the financial services industry,” said David Armstrong, director of editorial strategy and operations at “They serve as a leading indicator of future activity, and as a barometer for the dynamic ecosystem of companies and organizations that empower, support and enable advisor success who are driving the industry forward.” About SpiderRock Advisors Founded in 2015, SpiderRock Advisors, LLC is a Chicago-based asset management firm focused on providing customized option overlay strategies to investors. SpiderRock Advisors is making it easy for financial advisors and institutions to add option strategies to their portfolios. BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) took a minority investment in July 2021. As of March 2023, SpiderRock manages more than $3 billion for firms in the RIA, family office, national broker/dealers, and institutional clients. For more information, please visit the SpiderRock Advisors website and follow us on LinkedIn. About, an Informa business, provides everything wealth professionals need to know to stay knowledgeable about the industry, build stronger relationships, improve their practice, and grow their business. offers financial services organizations a broad array of marketing services designed to help them influence the industry’s leading audience of wealth management professionals. Contact Details For SpiderRock Advisors

June 02, 2023 01:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Lithium Energy hunts for metals of the future in Queensland and Argentina

Lithium Energy Ltd

Lithium Energy Ltd (ASX:LEL) executive chair William Johnson brings Proactive up to speed on the company’s graphite prospects in Queensland and its lithium endeavours in Argentina. Over at the Corella Graphite Project, LEL’s pioneer drill program has uncovered up to 27.4% total graphitic carbon on the way to a maiden resource. The Solaroz Lithium Project’s first-pass diamond drilling program is reaping similar success, with massive intervals of lithium-rich brine uncovered throughout the three-rig campaign. Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744

June 02, 2023 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Cordoba Minerals takes big step forward on Alacran Project with $100 million arrangement

Cordoba Minerals Corp

Cordoba Minerals CEO Sarah Armstrong-Montoya joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has closed on a $100 million strategic arrangement with JCHX Mining Management for the joint-development of the Alacran Project in Colombia. This capital influx will allow the company to get the FS technical work program, in-fill drilling campaign, and repayment of the short-term loans taken care of. Armstrong-Montoya also shared with Proactive the latest assay results received from the ongoing in-fill drilling program at the project that showed high-grade mineralization in the north and central parts of the Alacran Deposit, which the company feels could be accessible during the early mining years. Contact Details Proactive Investors +1 604-688-8158

June 02, 2023 12:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Nextech3D.AI’s Toggle 3D showcases AI for fixed point diffusion of 2D to 3D model conversion


Nextech3D.AI chief product officer Dasha Vdovina joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has made a major step forward showcasing its fixed point diffusion for 2D to 3D technology to be used for e-commerce. Vdovina sharing with Proactive diffusion models provide a solution for creating 3D models from 2D reference photos, either as a whole or part-by-part by evolving differentiable, deformable templates to convert into 3D parts. The publication of their findings marks a significant step forward in scaling 3D model production and integrating the technology into their pipeline. Their unique approach is protected by a provisional patent, giving them a competitive advantage in the industry. Contact Details Proactive Investors Canada +1 604-688-8158

June 02, 2023 12:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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BioHarvest Sciences 1Q financials show continued growth with a 209% year-over-year increase

BioHarvest Sciences Inc.

BioHarvest Sciences CEO Ilan Sobel joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has released first-quarter 2023 financial numbers that show big gains over 2022. The company saw VINIA revenues growing 209% compared to 1Q 2022, reaching $2.2 million. Sobel also shared with Proactive the company saw gross margins increase to 37%, from 26% a year earlier. The company is sticking with its guidance of year-over-year revenue growing three times to over $17 million. BioHarvest is looking to be cash flow break-even in 4Q 2023. Contact Details Proactive Investors Canada +1 604-688-8158

June 02, 2023 12:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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