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Best Drone Camera (2023): Best Drones For Beginners with 4K Camera

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Camera drones have evolved from being mere novelties for gadget enthusiasts to being an indispensable creative tool for many photographers and filmmakers. Click Here to Buy Best Drone Camera for Photos and Video in USA You can choose between amateur and professional options, allowing for creative and unique angles that cannot be achieved with other cameras. What is the practical option among the exciting possibilities? Camera technology has greatly improved since the early days, including larger sensors, better video resolutions, and improved stabilization systems with onboard gimbals, since early drones lacked stabilized cameras. Intelligent flight controls are improving, making drones easy to learn even for a beginner. Drone flying entails rules and responsibilities. Aviation authorities made it easier to understand, leading to more frequent enforcement. Consult our drone regulations guide for the US, UK, and more before flying your drone. Regardless of the size of your drone, it's essential to research the applicable regulations within the respective country. All the drones in this guide deliver excellent outcomes for photos and videos. All have stabilized cameras with powered gimbals to counteract flight-related shakiness. We offer drones with varying prices, flight control and camera technology. You get what you pay for when it comes to drones, although some cheaper options can still perform well. For inexpensive drones, refer to our guide on the top options available at present. Best Drone Camera in USA: Best drones for beginners with 4K Camera 1. QuadAir Drone – Editor’s Pick for Best Drone Camera in USA There is good news for all you people who are looking for a method to put your first step through the door of aerial photography. In addition to being easy to fly and handy, the Quadair Drone is the perfect choice for beginners. There are drones with a higher flying life on the market, but they can cost you up to a grand if you purchase them. You won't be able to get this much photo quality anywhere else at this price point. Click Here To Buy QuadAir Drone With A Special Price Today in USA! An easy-to-fly drone ideal for beginners, the Quadair drone has a 1080P camera that shoots at 120 frames per second and captures 12 megapixels at a time. Advantages For a nominal price, you can have a perfectly functioning drone Camera of high quality and durability Beginners will love it You will be able to fly then drone for a longer time It comes with a longer battery life and interchangeable batteries The one-button control makes it easy to use Controlling the drone is much easier with the mobile app Due to its compact size and foldable flaps, it is much more portable than other bags You can put it in your pocket and completely forget it's there because it's so lightweight You will be able to avoid any internet scams if you purchase it directly from the manufacturer The authorized seller's account offers many discounts Disadvantages Amazon is particularly notorious for scams on the internet. It is only available from the official seller; it is not available offline. For time-consuming shoots, it might not have enough battery life QuadAir Drone are the best choice if you're a beginner trying to learn how to fly a drone. What is included in the package? Ordered number of drones You purchased how many drone controllers Batteries for all your drones All the drones in your order will require charging cables You will receive manuals for all the drones you ordered In conclusion It's important to check user reviews about any product before purchasing it on the internet. That's how you can determine whether it's legit. 2. Qinux Drone K8 – Top Drone Overall in United States Do you yearn to feel like a bird and explore the world from the air? Then look no further! Thanks to the Qinux brand, having such an experience is now simpler than ever. Until recently, drones have been difficult to control and costly. (AMAZING 50% DISCOUNT) Get Qinux Drone K8 For The Lowest Price Here in USA Designed to provide you with a unique experience A Qinux Drone K8 will open up a world of possibilities for you, allowing you to capture spectacular photos and videos with excellent detail and quality. Its simple and easy-to-use interface is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can control the drone more efficiently. Attach your mobile device to the controller to take unforgettable snaps which can be saved or edited, then shared all over social media! With its compact, foldable design, you can take it anywhere. The Qinux Drone K8 comes with a carry bag to keep it safe on a trip! The arms and propellers fold easily, so you can take your drone wherever you go. Save your best moments with totally unique perspectives. You can save all your special moments on your mobile phone with images and videos that have the best resolution! With gesture control, you can take shots and record simply by making hand gestures. How entertaining! Qinux Drone K8 also features modes such as intelligent flight, headless mode, altitude hold, one-push takeoff and landing and a lot more! All in all, the perfect device for everyone! The main advantages are: With its high-resolution camera, the Qinux Drone K8 offers high-resolution images. A high-precision 2-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera and dynamically adjusts the pitch during the flight from -90° to 10°. Capture and share memorable moments through photos and recordings on social media and other platforms. The intelligent battery offers a long flight time per charge. Where can you buy it? During the launch period, the company will offer an exclusive promotion for this product through this link, and if that wasn't enough, bulk orders will also receive a discount. 3. XPRO Drone - Best Stunning Aerial Photography & Video in USA Dimensions Folding the propellers and drone makes storage and transport easier. Flight propellers make it 12.5 x 7.5 x 5cm. The light Drone X Pro might wobble in heavy winds. For its size, it can resist a wind level of seven, which experts consider inadequate. Even a wind shift can derail it. (LOWEST PRICE ONLINE) Click Here to Buy XPRO Drone From The Official USA Website HD Flying a drone is entertaining, but the in-built camera and XPro Drone camera app can record stunning flight footage. Considering its price and performance, it does well. For high-flying pictures, 60fps with a wide-angle lens works. Boomerang and Asteroid preset camera modes produce professional results even if you're a beginner. A good smartphone takes 12MP stills. Take 360-degree panoramic photographs. Onboard picture stabilization makes it better than comparable drones, but these shots are blurrier. Use the app to control and record your flight! Replay XPro Drone footage whenever you want. However, high-up photographs are often blurry. Click here to buy best drone camera in United States! XPro Drone app The camera shows the X Pro's Drone app is significant. Playback and control the drone. Google Play gives it 3.5/5, whereas the Apple App Store gives it 1.9. XPro Drone reviews indicate that few have tested it on iPhones. So it's fine. A beginners tutorial, Go and Return flying buttons, and many intuitive options are included. Flipping the camera view is simple. Besides the novelty, it's simple. The software recognizes speech. Icons include: % battery Photo gallery Capture or record Time Control transmitter controls include: Takeoff and landing Orientation Different flip buttons Headless mode A XPro Drone GPS system keeps it on course and remembers which side was in front during takeoff, so neither you nor it gets lost. Distance Since the distance is low compared to more expensive models, it's not a good indoor or backyard toy for younger kids. 12 kilometers is plenty to enjoy outside. The XPro Drone has three flight modes, a 120-degree wide-angle lens, and nighttime LED lighting. Crash detection To protect the drone, it automatically changes direction. I love the anti-collision sensor, which helps land and prevents midair collisions with inanimate objects and other drones. Stay focused so you can take charge after avoiding danger. Build quality It performs well but has a cheap build quality. Due to a good plastic-metal mix, this won't break on beginners. Its gray, black, and yellow design is great. It can endure rain but not submersion. The show Simply hit down and right to tune XPro Drone gyros. On evaluating the product's top speed and flight performance, it was observed that it twists slowly but pitches well. Flip either way with a button. Fast barrel rolls and 360-degree loops will impress your pals. If you can afford it, faster options exist. If you have the money, there are faster drones than the XPro Drone. It also veers because it can't endure strong winds or unexpected guests. Accessories Only propellers and propeller guards are base accessories. It's so easy to get started that you won't use the QuickStart brochure or larger manual. XPro Drone 3.7600 MAh battery snaps in. It lasts 10 minutes for continuous still photography and low altitude flying at full charge. If 10 minutes is too short, charge for an hour to acquire full power. The X Pro Drone may be plugged in like a phone using the provided USB cord. With a USB C to C cable, you might siphon power from your tablet, laptop, or PC, but it's not important. The drone, handset, and guidebooks fit in a soft carry case. 4. TACTIC Air Drone - Best Affordable Camera Drone in USA The TACTIC AIR Drone is a versatile, lightweight quadcopter with 20-minute flight times and smart features. This folding aircraft has robust carbon fiber propellers that can support 400 lbs! It's for beginners and advanced drone pilots. It also has the latest technology, including an altitude hold feature that lets users use their camera's full capability without looking down at buttons and dials while recording. Our smartphone app gives users more stabilizing control than ever before with easy movements. (EXCLUSIVE OFFER) View Pricing & Availability of Tactic AIR Drone in United States WiFi and controller control the drone. Gesture Control makes them easy to utilize. Sturdy construction allows portability and ease. Technical Details: 1. Amazing Camera: This drone has a 9.1-million-pixel Ultra HD wide-angle camera. It captures 4K photos and videos for tracking the craft's flight route or recording it. They can also switch between picture-in-picture mode, where one image provides a larger field of view and another shows greater information on specific objects, and split-screen mode, where both cameras work at once! 2. Manageable By gesture: Tactic Air Drone's Follow Me mode lets the drone self-pilot and recognizes hand movements. Users may snap amazing images and films with hand gestures. 3. Durable Lithium Battery: The Tactic Air Drone has an inbuilt anti-collision system and 20 minutes of flight life with its 3.7V 300mAh Lithium-ion battery. Use The Tactic Air Drone includes numerous exciting and easy-to-use functions. The device's Android app streams live flight trajectories. Both devices' controls are easy to grasp, and their remote controller is tiny and comfortable to hold. This one has a 150-meter range! That's double most drones' capabilities! The Tactical Air Drone can rest for 20 minutes before flying again. People adore this drone because it lasts years and features an easy-to-use battery that lasts over 20 flights before needing a recharge. Benefits The Tactic AIR Drone is simple, feature-rich, and inexpensive. This military-grade drone may be deployed everywhere. GPS Tracking lets users snap aerial images from different perspectives while video their flight route via an app on their phone or tablet for free. The wind-flying Tactic AIR Drone is remote-controlled. It's lightweight, tiny, and foldable, making it more portable than most drones. Best part? This revolutionary device has a Follow Me function to capture activities from any angle without any effort! 5. DroneXS - Best for Shooting Live Video in United States A live streamer's delight, this is the best drone for shooting live video. A few of its selling points include precise control by remote control, small size and durability, the availability of live streaming from the drone's camera, safety for children with rounded propellers, an easy-to-charge battery, and protection braces. Exclusive Details: *DroneXS * Read More Details on Official USA Website! With a price of just $99, this excellent product is a standout value. Here's what's inside XS Drone Transmitter Battery that can be recharged Cable for charging Manual for users A screwdriver is included in the DroneXS's kit to fix the propeller blades to fly the drone. Aspects Quadcopter drone DroneXS. There are three flight speeds and a 120-degree viewing range 12 megapixel 720p Full HD camera Lipo battery 3.7V 500MAH Up to 60 minutes of flying time High-speed WiFi 5G Speeds up to 19 meters per second Range of up to 3,000 feet Technology for automatic self-stabilization There is a 'Slo-mo' mode available as an advanced feature. With the Drone XS tracking system, you can press the auto return button to bring it back into sight if you lose sight of it. Interesting Read: Best Drone Camera In Canada: Top 5 Drone For Aerial Photography & Video In Canada Pros Lightweight and small Drone that is easy to control Additionally, it is a professional-grade drone Several kid-safe features are included, such as rounded propellers It is safe to fly indoors through windows and doors. Video recording in 720p HD Compact, splash-proof, and durable Material is semi-hard There is an option to edit videos There is a trajectory flight feature available Battery life is longer Looks elegant Easy-to-use High-quality photos and videos are produced Foldable Wide-angle lens included With a gravity sensor, it navigates well in the air without bumping into things. A slow mode is available. Cons There is limited stock available, and it is running out quickly as well Online only. Drone features to consider before purchase GPS: To compose photos, GPS is almost indispensable for toy drones which do not typically have it. Guided missile technology was repurposed for drone positioning. The goal is to remain stationary instead of being blown away like a missile. Piloting is easier and the drone can automatically return to the takeoff point when disconnected, which is a helpful backup. Controller: Each controller is unique. At the lower end, standard Wi-Fi is used for control and video feedback, with a range of approximately 100m and requiring a clear line of sight, while most models come with twin sticks. Expensive drones (listed here) utilize exclusive radio technologies such as DJI's Lightbridge or OM3, providing a range measured in miles, compatibility with master and slave controllers for separate pilot and camera operator operations, as well as first-person-view goggles. Camera & gimbal: Sensor size, megapixels, and vibration reduction are all crucial for a camera's performance. At lower levels, use cushioning or digital image stabilization. The best systems use motorized gimbals on 2- or 3-axis. Battery: The drone's flight time is limited by its battery capacity. Greater capacities do not necessarily result in extended flight durations as weight, particularly that of the battery, and effectiveness also play a crucial role. Minutes of flight time is the more useful measure. Although lithium batteries are powerful, 'Intelligent Batteries' are both safe and equipped with built-in monitors for convenient charge checking. Assume the hover time of drones is slightly less than the given flight time as they work best moving forward at an average speed. Maneuvers require additional power as well. The App: The manufacturer's app quality impacts the experience as advanced features on high-end drones need menu navigation. Certainly, this is the way to go beyond auto with the camera. Developers use drone sensors and app processing for simpler flying modes and visual effects like DJI's Tiny Planet. The Bundle: Drones can be purchased individually, with a remote, or as a bundle featuring items such as additional batteries, spare propellers, a bag, and ND filters. You may require spare propellers in the initial stages. Factor in the cost of batteries and the distance to charge them when calculating the price of a bundle. A good bag can safeguard them, even when just stuffed inside. Most drone gimbals have unique lens mounts, so it's important to keep this in mind when shopping for ND filters. Related Read: Best Drone Camera in Australia: Top 5 Drones For Aerial Photography and Video in 2023 Contact Details Melissa

June 03, 2023 01:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Antitrust Regulations: FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE) Shows Business Owners How To Stay Ahead Of Impending Law Changes


By Jad Malaeb, Benzinga In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying informed about regulatory changes is crucial for organizations. FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE), a leading market intelligence platform, offers comprehensive solutions that keep business owners up to date on all regulations that could impact their operations. Rachel Kirkland, an expert in antitrust laws and their effect on the economic environment, has written about the subject on the FiscalNote blog. In her article, Kirkland delves into the basics of antitrust regulations and their potential impact on organizations, emphasizing the importance of remaining knowledgeable about these laws and how they evolve. Antitrust laws aim to safeguard the free market, promote consumer benefits and prevent larger companies from abusing their power to eliminate competition from smaller entities. The foundation of antitrust policy lies in four milestone acts, three of which have existed for over a century. The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 prohibits monopolies and establishes free competition. The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 defines unethical business practices, while the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 established the Federal Trade Commission as a key enforcer of antitrust policy. The Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 requires all parties to report large transactions to government bodies for review. While the pressure on big tech companies to avoid anti-competitive practices has grown, the adoption of new antitrust legislation remains uncertain. Keith N. Hylton, a professor of law at Boston University, highlights the challenges in writing industry-specific antitrust laws without affecting other sectors. Several proposed bills aimed at regulating Big Tech, such as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act, have not yet reached a full vote due to differing opinions and lobbying efforts. The enforcement of antitrust laws has evolved with policy shifts and changes in recent times. Economic stress and the impact of the pandemic have prompted policymakers to reconsider the enforcement of antitrust regulations to enhance the resilience of the American economy. The Biden administration has taken a more aggressive approach, issuing an executive order to address abuses of power and involving multiple government agencies in regulatory roles beyond the DOJ and FTC. Government affairs professionals must understand antitrust policies and compliance, as the current administration emphasizes competition in every industry to improve Americans' lives. Antitrust goes beyond mergers, acquisitions and price points; it also encompasses issues such as fair wages and avoiding policies that disproportionately affect marginalized communities when competition is stifled. Compliance with antitrust laws is crucial, and organizations should invest in training their employees to ensure they understand acceptable corporate practices. Staying informed about the ever-changing landscape of antitrust regulations is essential for organizations. FiscalNote provides a comprehensive solution that automatically alerts government affairs professionals to any changes in existing or upcoming policies and regulations. This platform connects professionals with the right stakeholders to protect their organization's interests and ensure compliance. Antitrust regulations continue to be a significant concern in government bodies, as recent developments such as Nvidia's soaring earnings and concerns about monopolization in the computer microchip industry have highlighted. Navigating the complexities of antitrust laws requires businesses to remain proactive and informed. FiscalNote offers a reliable resource to help organizations stay up to date with evolving regulations and ensure compliance. Click here to learn more. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

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Ronaldinho and DRYWORLD Extend Partnership to 2033


DRYWORLD Brands Inc. (OTC: IBGR) is pleased to announce a partnership extension with the legendary Brazilian football star, Ronaldo De Assis Moreira–colloquially known by fans worldwide as Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho is considered the best player of his generation, having won TWO FIFA World Player of the Year, a Ballon d'Or, and a World Cup with Brazil, the Champions League, Copa Libertadores and many others. A global icon of the sport and the master of the "Joga Bonito" style of play, he is renowned for his technical skills, creativity, dribbling ability and accuracy from free-kicks, his use of tricks, feints, no-look passes and overhead kicks, as well as his ability to score and create goals, all prominent characteristics of his early-age background playing futsal. The partnership's first collection was a celebration of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Featuring 32 country-inspired jerseys to represent the teams competing in the event. Co-designed by Ronaldinho, the collection was the first of its kind and has shipped to customers in 36 countries. Ronaldinho by DRYWORLD. The new extended deal includes the exclusive use of the OBruxo silhouette for apparel, football/soccer kit, and other items. Ronaldinho and DRYWORLD’s strategy is to elevate the iconic OBruxo silhouette to become the focal point of future collections as well as to be used as the brand logo on team kits for Professional and grassroots teamwear partnerships. The goal is to increase visibility and reach for the teams so they can drive merchandise sales worldwide. With the Wizard silhouette of Ronaldinho’s image as the brand on the right chest of the uniform that accompanies the team crest on the left chest, this one-of-a-kind partnership allows teams, clubs, and organizations worldwide to be associated with one of the greatest footballers of all time. Some perks of the program include: appearances from the legend himself signed merchandise to use as awards social media mention DRYWORLD’s recent announcement of the intent to acquire Brio Holding Group Inc, which provides contracted LATAM retail distribution throughout Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Panama will provide the Ronaldinho collection access to retail locations as well as online distribution through the most powerful online platforms in Central and South America. With Ronaldinho’s immense popularity in this market the groups believe the sales potential is significant. “The first 8 months of the partnership have seen us create two amazing collections and ship orders to customers in 36 countries,” said Claudio Escobar, President at DRYWORLD. “Upon gaining Ronaldinho’s trust that the team at DRYWORLD can deliver, the next phase will elevate the iconic O Bruxo silhouette on the jerseys of teams around the world with the vision of reaching millions of fans with the merchandise.” “I’m very happy to see my silhouette reaching out to the world of soccer worldwide and encouraging new generations that everything is possible with great partnerships,” said Ronaldinho. Sign up for DRYWORLD’s latest announcements: DRYWORLD Shop | DRYWORLD Instagram | DRYWORLD Facebook | DRYWORLD Twitter For more information, contact: ABOUT DRYWORLD DRYWORLD is a premium performance sports brand offering innovative, superior quality apparel and gear for the athlete in all of us. We build purpose-driven products that give all athletes the edge. Engineered by athletes, proven by science. Visit Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements and is subject to risks and uncertainties. All statements other than statements of historical fact or relating to present facts or current conditions included in this press release are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements give our current reasonable expectations and projections relating to our financial condition, results of operations, plans, objectives, future performance and business. You can identify forward-looking statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. These statements may include words such as "anticipate," "estimate," "expect," "project," "plan," "intend," "believe," "may," "should," "can have," "likely" and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with any discussion of the timing or nature of future operating or financial performance or other events. Contact Details Dryworld Brands Inc. Company Website

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The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Kittch, the leading culinary platform, combining the worlds of sport and gastronomy like never before. The collaboration aims to ensure that pickleball, the only sport with a "kitchen," offers the finest food experience in the sports world. The APP / Kittch partnership was launched on Memorial Day, 2023, live on Good Morning America, ABC’s iconic morning show. On the show, Kittch Founder and chef Elana Karp and fellow chef Chad Rosenthal were joined by APP pro players Parris Todd, Alix Truong, and Hunter and Yates Johnson live on air to try examples of the range of the food offerings Kittch will serve at the APP events, and help GMA host Michael Strahan enjoy playing pickleball for the first time. The key aspects of this innovative partnership will be the rebranding of the APP’s kitchen area – the seven-foot, non-volley zone in front of the net – to become "The Kittch'n" and the creation of the Kittch’n Court, a unique food festival atmosphere at key tournaments that showcases the best local and national culinary talent. This dynamic new space will be backed by influential culinary sponsors and brings together food enthusiasts, professional chefs, and athletes in a unique and engaging environment. “We are thrilled to join forces with Kittch to bring together two such complementary and rapidly growing worlds - sport and gastronomy," said Tom Webb, Chief Marketing Officer of the APP. "The Kittch'n will elevate the culinary experience at APP events, providing fans with unforgettable memories and an enhanced appreciation for the sport." Brian Bedol, CEO of Kittch, added, "Many of the world’s greatest sports events are synonymous with iconic food and drink - from the Kentucky Derby and the Mint Julep, to strawberries and cream at Wimbledon - and now Kittch and the APP are bringing this to pickleball. Our partnership with the APP is a game-changer for our platform. We're excited to create a unique, food-centric experience for pickleball players and fans, while showcasing the best local and national culinary talent at APP events." The APP recently unveiled its latest round of pickleball participation research which shows that nearly 50 million Americans 18+ have played the sport in the last 12 months, a 35% increase since August 2022, with an average age of 35. That research also shows that pickleball players are very conscious of their food and drink choices, with 72% preferring organic foods, 62% more likely to eat out than at home, and 69% wanting to try new restaurants and bars, further reinforcing the value of the partnership between Kittch and the APP. The Kittch activation will be unveiled at APP Tour events later this year. For more information about the partnership and the upcoming APP tour schedule, visit TheAPP.Global. Follow Kittch and the APP on social media for updates on this thrilling collaboration. About Kittch Founded in 2022, Kittch is a leading culinary platform dedicated to revolutionizing the "what to eat" decision for millions of food lovers around the world. Named one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company in 2023, Kittch connects fans, brands, and chefs through unique livestreaming technology, transforming the dining decision-making process from a frustrating one to a joyful one. By partnering with prestigious culinary events and providing exclusive content, Kittch strives to celebrate the art of cooking and inspire people to explore the endless possibilities of the culinary world. About the APP The Association of Pickleball Players (APP), founded in 2019, serves professional, senior professional, amateur and recreational pickleball players in the fastest growing sport in the USA. The first and only tour officially sanctioned by USA Pickleball, the 2023 APP Tour slate has 16 announced tournament stops, in addition to international and collegiate series events. The APP also prides itself on developing the next generation of pickleball champions through its Next Gen series and other youth initiatives. To stay updated on the APP, visit, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn. Contact Details The APP Daniel Sagerman +1 847-800-8182 Company Website

June 01, 2023 11:00 AM Central Daylight Time

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Dads and Grads Gift Ideas

News Media Group, Inc.

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June 01, 2023 11:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Bloomsbury Publishing "confident of meeting the board's expectations for the year"

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Contact Details Proactive UK Ltd +44 20 7989 0813

June 01, 2023 11:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Breaking News: WriteMyEssays And WriteMyPapers Merge. Learn More Here!

Halvorson Media Group

Recently, WriteMyEssays And WriteMyPapers signed a merger agreement. Find out what to expect from the changes, whether they will affect customers, and what new features are planned to be introduced. New York, May 28, 2021 — A few days ago, an academic writing company WriteMyEssays announced the acquisition of WriteMyPapers. This decision has been discussed for several months, and finally, there was official confirmation of the merger. Due to the inability to compete with other academic services, the WriteMyPapers brand decided to leave the market. In the past few months, the site has seen a surge in orders, and the staff has been unable to keep up with the influx. The departure of the company would have suffered great losses and the loss of valuable personnel. Thus, the decision to merge was the only correct one in this situation. The management bodies have already checked and approved the terms and conditions of the upcoming merger. What to Expect from The Merger? A merger is a complex business solution that takes time to set up internal processes. Of course, the company's management is going to consolidate high-quality academic writing in the industry and enter the international market. However, no one excludes the occurrence of difficulties, but first things first. At the moment, key stakeholders of both companies discussed several business benefits which can be expected in the near term. They are obvious, but are of great benefit to the company: Increasing the staff of the company. The staff of WriteMyPapers was more than 300 people. All writers pass under the control of the new owner. Thus, it means that the service will be able to process more orders and get more urgent assignments. Increasing the audience. Those customers who previously applied to WriteMyPapers are likely to start ordering essays and other assignments from a new company. Many students have been working with the same authors for several years, and they will be able to continue doing this under a new brand. Increasing monthly turnover. The more orders, the more income. This is a simple yet complex business rule. If the quality of the work performed remains at the same high level or becomes higher, the company will be able to increase income by 2-3 times. Moreover, this is a very significant indicator in the college writing industry. In the long term, the company expects the following positive changes: Entering the international market. In connection with scaling, it is planned to introduce new working languages. The managing department has ideas for covering European countries, China, and India. This will expand the audience by 5-6 times in the long run. Building a multi-level support system. Due to the increase in the audience, support representatives will need to be divided into several categories depending on the purpose: support for resolving payment issues, support for placing orders, support for submitting changes to orders, etc. Development of services in narrow areas. In a rapidly evolving environment, it is necessary to follow education trends. That is a real challenge to find specialists in AI engineering or bioinformatics with academic writing or teaching skills. However, this must be taken into account in order to be at the top of the best services. What Do The Experts Say? “The decision to merge was nothing short of a bold one for us. We expect to see results in two months. However, despite the encouraging results in the future, we understand that at first, the team may experience difficulties. Talks about a merger started early this year and we've more or less solidified the base to weather this challenging but promising time.” Harry Evans, WriteMyEssays Vice President “Our department will be the most heavily loaded, especially at the very start. We have developed an order distribution system that should help us not only cope with the number of incoming orders but also understand our strengths and weaknesses to improve the process. The scaling steps will be introduced smoothly, and we know we can adjust to new circumstances.” Emma Walker, Order Distribution Manager “We are pleased with the new changes and are ready to scale and introduce new services. Thanks to long-term planning and quick reaction to possible strategic changes, our company is moving into a higher orbit. We can call ourselves a company providing educational assistance services.” Caleb Ellington, Senior Manager About WriteMyEssays WriteMyEssays is an academic writing company that has been on the market for over 15 years. The company operates in the field of educational services, namely in writing papers of various formats for high school, college, and university students. The emphasis on "academic" demonstrates high standards of performance. At the moment, the company provides assistance in the following areas: academic writing, proofreading & editing, and problem-solving. These three services fully cover the needs of a broad student audience. The team assists with handling assignments of different levels: High School, Undergraduate, Bachelor, Master, and Professional. The company works in various fields: Mathematics, Literature, Chemistry, Architecture, Pharmacology, Law, and more than 30 other areas of study. The support service has every opportunity to select a performer with the appropriate education and academic writing skills. The list of services includes not only writing essays, but also making presentations, creating graphs and tables, writing speeches, typing, rewriting, performing mathematical calculations, helping with writing dissertations, conducting chemical, historical, mathematical, and literary analyzes, and much more. WriteMyEssays is often the choice of students due to the loyal pricing policy. Thanks to successful management and logistics, prices for services are kept below average. It allows students with a limited budget to place orders on the site. The company also often provides discounts and loyalty programs. With over 7,000 finished assignments, WriteMyEssays is one of the leaders in the professional student assistance industry. Most likely, new changes will lead this service to new achievements and the introduction of new services that meet the passage of time. On a Final Note The goal of the WriteMyEssays company is to remain competitive, gradually expanding the list of services, introducing new payment methods, and taking other equally important steps to be on top. The field of academic education is entering challenging times. It may not yet be obvious, but companies like WriteMyEssays will take on an inflated amount of workload to save education as a basic social sphere from a great collapse Contact Details Halvorson Media Group Edward +1 877-422-8205 Company Website

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QYOU Media Reports Record Q1 FY 2023 Results

QYOU Media

Contact Details Doug Barker +1 437-992-4814 Company Website

May 31, 2023 12:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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