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NAVEX Announces AI-Powered Compliance Assistant Enhance employee engagement with simplified, intelligent access to critical compliance information

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   NAVEX , the leader in integrated risk and compliance management software, today announced NAVEX Compliance Assistant. The initial release of this new AI-powered functionality will offer instant answers to employee questions regarding company policies and procedures delivered in natural language. This functionality makes an organization’s compliance program more accessible and personal for all employees.

As part of the NAVEX One GRC Information System, employees interact with NAVEX Compliance Assistant by asking it questions in their own words. The AI-powered Compliance Assistant then searches through a company’s policies and procedures to present a comprehensive answer to the employee’s inquiry. Compliance Assistant applies Large Language Model (LLM) technology to customer-controlled document sets for maximum relevance and accuracy. NAVEX’s secure cloud infrastructure protects document and data privacy.

Rich NAVEX Integration Ensures Ease of Use and Data Security

The AI-powered NAVEX Compliance Assistant is seamlessly integrated into NAVEX One People Hub, a unified, simplified way for employees to engage with the compliance program. Through People Hub, employees can conveniently report incidents, confirm policy adherence, complete training and disclose information within a user-friendly interface accessible on mobile devices. With the addition of Compliance Assistant, employees, and other authorized parties, can quickly clarify how to follow specific procedures and policies that apply to them.

NAVEX Compliance Assistant offers a range of features tailored to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, including:

  1. Intuitive chat interface: Employees can query the system with natural language questions about a policy or procedure of interest and receive prompt, accurate responses.

  2. Multilingual access: Users can ask questions and receive answers in 70 languages.

  3. Find relevant policies: Employees can easily search for and access relevant, verified policies and procedures, eliminating time-consuming manual searches or the need to reach out across departments to source an answer.

  4. Responsive access anywhere: NAVEX Compliance Assistant is accessible via the web and mobile devices, helping employees access critical compliance information from anywhere.

  5. Uncompromising privacy and security: NAVEX is committed to safeguarding all data within the systems it manages, including policy and procedure information and employee queries through Compliance Assistant.

“Successful organizations turn governance, risk and compliance management into a competitive advantage. It helps prevent mistakes, motivate employees, and promotes confident decision-making,” said Sean Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at NAVEX. “In my years of experience with natural language user interface technology, incorporating it into a GRC program is one of the most exciting applications. Our new AI-enabled Compliance Assistant makes engaging with the compliance program simpler and more intuitive, which in turn makes employees more confident users of the system.”

Expert point of view

The adoption of AI-powered technologies to facilitate access to compliance-related information can bring great benefits. “Giving employees the ability to quickly and accurately access company policies and procedures fosters a culture of trust and safety with regards to risk mitigation. It also makes the whole process more efficient," said Darren Bradshaw, Chief Audit and Compliance Officer of Stellantis, a multinational automotive company on a journey of transformation into a sustainable mobility tech organization. Stellantis, as a customer of some NAVEX applications, plans to partner with the company to test the usability of this new application.

To learn more about the AI-powered NAVEX Compliance Assistant, visit Or, read our blog, “Artificial Intelligence – The Next Frontier of GRC Management” on Risk & Compliance Matters.



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