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NAFA’s Second Annual Fleet Safety Symposium: Uniting Fleet Professionals for Safer Roads

News release by NAFA Fleet Management Association

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Safety is critical in the fleet industry, and NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA), the vehicle fleet industry’s largest membership association, is dedicated to advancing safety standards across the board. In support of this commitment, NAFA is hosting its second annual Fleet Safety Symposium, "Enhancing Fleet Safety: An Interactive Fleet Safety Event," from June 24-26 at Oakton Community College in Chicago, IL.

“The Fleet Safety Symposium is a cornerstone of NAFA’s commitment to promoting safety in fleet management. This event is designed to provide our members with practical strategies and tools to implement effective safety practices within their operations,” said Bill Schankel, CAE, CEO of NAFA. “We look forward to seeing the collaborative efforts of our participants as they work together to enhance safety standards across the industry.”

Building on last year’s success, this year’s symposium introduces new, cutting-edge content aimed at addressing the evolving challenges in fleet operations. Participants will engage in interactive sessions focused on enhancing safety awareness, mitigating risks and fostering a culture of safety excellence.

Jerry Curl, Chief Operating Officer at G&D Trucking Inc./Hoffman Transportation LLC, will help lead the symposium, guiding attendees through the event and driving insightful discussions.

Fleet Safety Symposium Highlights and Key Features:

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in dynamic discussions designed to enhance safety awareness and mitigate risks.

  • “Trip Up the Expert” Session: Challenge industry experts to uncover blind spots and develop innovative solutions to safety challenges.

  • Expert-Led Discussions: Participate in thought-provoking conversations and real-world case studies.

  • Hands-On Activities and Group Exercises: Experience practical training that fosters a proactive approach to safety management.

  • Focus Areas:

    • Safety Planning

    • Safety Culture

    • Safety Tools and Technologies

    • Safety Policy Implementation

This event will provide attendees with the tools, strategies and insights needed to drive positive change within their fleet operations, ensuring the safety and well-being of drivers, vehicles and communities.

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NAFA Fleet Management Association is the membership organization for professionals who manage the mobility requirements of vehicle fleets that include commercial, public safety, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes, and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for corporations, governments, universities, utility fleets, and law enforcement in North America and across the globe. NAFA’s members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance, repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 4.8 million vehicles that drive an estimated 84 billion miles each year. NAFA’s members control assets and services well above $122 billion each year.For more information, please visit, and communicate with NAFA on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X.


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