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B2Broker Launches Match-Trader White Label Solution To Help Brokerage Businesses Build a Full-Fledged Trading Platform

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B2Broker – a global provider of cryptocurrency and FX liquidity – is taking its white-label solutions to new heights by integrating with the Match-Trader platform. The company's clients will now gain access to remarkable commercials, instant integration into the powerful B2Core platform, plus so much more. Following up on its cTrader integration of 2022, this latest venture proves that B2Broker is dedicated to providing customers with an all-encompassing yet adjustable option.

Match-Trader While Label Solution

Match-Trader White Label from B2Broker provides brokers and their customers with an integrated Match-Trader experience, with all essential technology combined into one cost-saving platform. It includes B2BinPay (cryptocurrency payment processing), B2Core (CRM system) tools, plus access to exclusive Prime of Prime liquidity pool from B2Broker – a package that can't be beaten! The offering is sure to be met with enthusiasm by businesses seeking innovative solutions at an affordable price.

The Match-Trader white label provides an exhaustive range of services and features. Constant server support, 24/7 technical assistance from experts in the field, along with dedicated account managers to offer guidance through your brokerage space journey – it's all part of the package. The company also provides training sessions to ensure that you and your team are well-versed in the technology involved.

The Match-Trader white label provides businesses with competitive trading commissions and advantageous volume charges. Best of all, the platform configuration is complementary and requires no set-up cost; customers simply need to pay a minimum liquidity fee for three months initially. Moreover, clients will be granted one full calendar month plus the number of days since set-up as an additional grace period in terms of monthly minimal connectivity and liquidity fees!

Match-Trader x B2Core integration

B2Broker's white label service offers the instant integration of Match-Trader with B2Core, allowing brokers to provide clients with effortless access to accounts and platforms. Mirroring other platforms within the B2Core ecosystem, Match-Trader makes it possible for broker's customers to experience high-quality services right away.

To open a margin trading account with Match-Trader through B2Core, you'll first need to create a user account. This will serve as the connection between all your other trading accounts. After the user account has been set up, you can link it to your margin trading account on Match-Trader. It's that simple!

The B2Core Platform tab now introduces the remarkable Match-Trader section that features a variety of capabilities. Whether you're looking to establish a demo account for real-time practice trades or efficiently handle deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and internal transfers - you can do this all from there. Plus, with just one click of the download button, traders can have access to their dedicated Match-Trader terminal in no time.

More to Come

Offering a comprehensive online trading platform to your customers is now easier than ever with B2Broker's integration with Match-Trader. Together, these two provide an expansive suite of powerful tools for any business looking to leverage cutting-edge technology solutions.

Soon, Match-Trader will be connected to the IB program. With this integration, B2Broker can provide its clients with advanced tools driven by the reliable and convenient performance of Match-Trader – perfect for any size or complexity level of business! This way, users have complete access to all options they need in order to fulfill their trading goals.

In addition, the integration of Match-Trader with B2Core mobile is on its way, meaning brokers will soon be able to offer their customers a seamless transition between both platforms. Watch out for these game-changing products in the near future!

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