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10 Best Crypto Presales To Invest In 2023 - Compare Token Presales

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Looking for the hottest crypto presales of 2023? Discover the exclusive opportunities that lie ahead, as we present the top picks for investors looking to maximize their gains in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Stay ahead of the game and secure your position in the most promising projects before they hit the market as we reveal the 10 top crypto presales to invest in right now.

The Top 10 Best Crypto Presales to Invest in Now

Here’s a quick summary of our roundup of the best crypto presales available to investors in 2023.

  1.  Wall Street Memes - A New Meme Crypto Project That’s Tokenizing the Meme Culture. Its Crypto Presale has Investors Buzzing with Over $2.75M USDT Already Raised

  2.  yPredict - A Fully-Fledged Next-Gen Trading Research and Analysis Hub Powered by AI. The YPRED Presale has Gathered $1.99M USDT

  3.  Launchpad XYZ - An Innovative Platform Acting as a Catalyst for Mass Adoption of the Web3 Sector. Users can Engage with NFTs, a DEX, Web3 Crypto Wallet and More

  4.  ecoterra - A Promising New Crypto Project Focused on Sustainability and Keeping the Environment Green. Harnessing a Recycle2Earn Initiative the $ECOTERRA Presale has Raised over $4.6M USDT

  5.  DeeLance - An Exciting New Project Designed to Revolutionize the Freelancing Sector by Merging it with Blockchain Technology, NFTs and the Metaverse. Also Provides Access to Insightful Trading Signals

  6.  AiDoge - A Unique Crypto Platform Pioneering AI-Based Meme Creation. AiDoge Offers Users Staking, Voting, and More. At Launch it Will Have a Market Cap of $29.8M

  7. Chimpzee - Green Crypto Project Built to Allow Crypto Users to Help Save the Environment. Using Play2Earn, Shop2Earn, and Trade2Earn, the Chimpzee Ecosystem is Leading the Way in Fighting Climate Change

  8. Hacienda - A Real Estate Project Driven by Blockchain Allowing Users to Earn From Income-generating Properties

  9. Goracle - Next-Generation Decentralized Network Using Proof of Stake Powering the Future of Blockchain Development

  10. Mooky - Eco-friendly Meme Token Seeking To Aid Environmental Causes by Planting Trees and Donating to Charity

Wall Street Memes - A Brand New Meme Crypto Project That’s Raised Over $2.75M in a Week

One of the newest meme coins making waves is the $WSM token which underlies the Wall Street Memes project.

Wall Street Memes brings the essence of Web2 Internet culture into the world of cryptocurrencies, boasting a substantial following of over 400k on their Meme-centric Twitter and Instagram accounts. With the $WSM token, they aim to capture the triumph of the internet over rampant capitalism, offering ordinary individuals the opportunity to participate in the world of meme coins.

The $WSM token, designed exclusively for the Wall Street Memes community, has a token supply allocation of 50% for the presale, 30% for community rewards, and 10% each for CEX and DEX liquidity. The presale allows community members to purchase $WSM tokens using various options such as ETH, BNB, USDT, or bank cards.

Inspired by the famous 2021 GameStop pushback, the Wall Street Memes project is the ultimate expression of the internet’s triumph over capitalism.

In essence, this new meme coin is tokenizing the entire experience of buying worthless coins and making returns on them.

Despite its status as a meme coin, the project has gained significant attention, with over one million community members across Twitter and other social media platforms.

Also, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has already interacted with the project’s community. Given Musk’s influence on the crypto space, Wall Street Memes could become the next king of memes in no time.

The project is highly regarded in the cryptocurrency world. Its dedicated community members successfully sold out their first NFT collection, Wall Street Bulls on Ethereum, in less than 32 minutes in 2021.

Still staying relevant, the project is also launching its own Bitcoin-focused Wall Street Bull Ordinals NFT, demonstrating its focus on trends.

With numerous investors buying into the meme coin, the $WSM token has already raised over $2.1 million in its presale round.

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yPredict.ai - AI-Powered Next-Gen Trading Research and Analysis Hub, Presale Nearing $2m in Funding

To successfully trade in the financial markets, data and analytics are essential. Unfortunately, the current state of analytics in the crypto space leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, the yPredict.ai project is changing this narrative quickly.

yPredict.ai is a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) crypto project that provides traders and analysts with AI-powered trading signals.

The platform was created by the top 1% of AI experts and is focused on providing investors with the needed insights in making informed trading decisions.

Besides AI trading signals, yPredict offers real-time sentiment analysis on all popular cryptocurrencies and also uses AI to find effective indicators for trading these digital assets.

Additionally, there are 25+ chart recognition patterns that allow traders to identify chart patterns on all their shortlisted coins.

This pattern recognition algorithm enables the AI crypto project to easily identify hundreds of bullish and bearish patterns allowing investors to make the right call.

yPredict.ai is powered by the $YPRED token, which is still available on presale.

The digital token is KYC-verified and deflationary, as only 100 million coins are available. Also, the network token is one of the best AI coins to buy, as it rewards users for staking the token.

Currently on presale, the $YPRED token has hit major milestones as it has raised over $1.96 million in its fifth presale stage as AI-focused investors buy $YRPED.

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Launchpad XYZ - Innovative Web3 Investment & Analytics Platform with Almost $1m Raised

Investors who have locked in major profits from the crypto space usually get the information first. However, due to the fast-paced nature of virtual assets, some investors may miss out on these assets.

To address this issue, Launchpad XYZ, a blockchain protocol, offers users access to newly-launched crypto assets and provides key information on upcoming non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto games.

Users are spoiled for choice as the protocol offers decentralized exchange (DEX), trading terminal, and market analytics.

 Launchpad XYZ is shaping out to become the alley for crypto novices to enter the burgeoning crypto landscape. While many projects are only focused on providing data and analytics, the Launchpad XYZ ecosystem also offers a learning hub.

This way, users can learn everything there is to know about cryptocurrencies, their prevalent benefits in society, and several other ecosystems within the space. Launchpad XYZ is powered by the $LPX token, which also serves as its governance tool.

There are several investors piling on to the digital asset, which is currently among the best cryptocurrency presales available. The $LPX token has already garnered over $828,000 in its presale phase, with a current value of $0.0445.

Early-bird investors who tap into the project could enjoy 50x in returns once the asset lists for $0.0565 in the coming months.

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Ecoterra - New Green Crypto Project Building Recylce2Earn App, Raised over $4.6M USDT

Blockchain technology has been termed a disruptor, and this innovative solution has continued to imprint its landmark on every sector.

Looking to combat climate change, a new blockchain project called Ecoterra has introduced the Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) initiative. The project aims to spur eco-friendly actions from individuals and companies by making them cut down on their carbon footprint.

Ecoterra is another project that is seen as one of the best crypto presales for 2023. The project allows users to operate a recycling vending machine where users can recycle their plastic, aluminum, and glass materials in return for cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the platform offers companies a carbon offset marketplace for purchasing carbon credits and selling eco-friendly products.

To help users monitor their climate impact, the Ecoterra project comes with a recycle-to-earn mobile app.

Companies can also leverage the project’s AI tools to generate eco-friendly data on their customers’ recycling habits.

This environmental sustainability drive has seen several ESG investors buy into the project’s idea. Ecoterra is powered by a native token of a similar name, $ECOTERRA.

The digital asset is on track to hit $5 million as it has raised well above $4.6 million plus since making its debut about a month ago.

Currently going for $0.0085 for 1 ECOTERRA, savvy investors may enjoy over 20x their investments once the asset lists for $0.01 on a centralized exchange.

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DeeLance - Blockchain-Based Freelancing & Recruitment Platform - Over $1m Raised

Another best crypto presale to invest in is the DeeLance project. This innovative project is an Ethereum-based protocol that enables users to access a censorship-resistant recruitment marketplace.

With the platform, both employers and talents can collaborate on tasks in a decentralized and transparent space.

DeeLance offers a solution to the lack of ownership and control in the traditional freelance industry by providing much-needed context.

Unlike other freelance and recruitment platforms, such as Fiverr and Upwork, DeeLance gives freelancers and creators the power to tokenize their completed work as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With this feature, they can maintain complete control over their work until payment is received.

The DeeLance project is also one of the most cost-effective freelance platforms in the space. It charges a competitive 10% freelancer fee and a uniquely low 2% for client fee.

In addition, the project comprises a metaverse feature that allows freelancers and employers to work in an immersive environment. This allows them to enjoy themed meeting rooms, virtual portfolios for showing, and much more.

Furthermore, DeeLance comprises an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell tokenized assets.

The project’s ecosystem is powered by the $DLANCE token, which is currently enjoying a successful presale.

So far, the ERC-20 token has raised over $1.22 million in investor funds. Early investors can buy $DLANCE for its current valuation of $0.038 before it increases to $0.043 in the next stage.

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AiDoge - Combining AI Tech with Memes - Viral Potential After Raising $15m

Meme coins have been some of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the nascent industry this year. Following the success of $PEPE in early April and May, these joke cryptocurrencies have become the toast of many an investor.

Although creating memes has historically been reserved for those with technical skills, a new technology called AiDoge is changing that.

This AI-powered blockchain protocol enables anyone to quickly produce culturally relevant memes by providing text prompts and easy-to-use tools, similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT.

The meme generator can create a variety of memes as it has been trained with billions of meme databases.

In return for interacting with the AiDoge.com algorithm, meme artists with the best content are rewarded with its network token, $AI, after voting has been concluded.

The digital asset also functions as a credit purchasing tool for meme artists to work with when interacting with the text prompts.

The $AI presale has been one of the most successful presales in recent history, as the development team was able to raise over $14.9 million weeks ahead of schedule.

Although the token’s presale period is over, investors can still buy $AI at the listing price of $0.0000336 before the June 19th deadline.

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Chimpzee - Green Crypto Project Built to Allow Crypto Users to Help Save the Environment

Another climate-conscious project, Chimpzee, is one of the best crypto presales in 2023 to watch out for. The cutting-edge project is a multifaceted solution that seeks to protect animal health and save the planet as well.

To do this, Chimpzee empowers users via its play-to-earn (P2E) game called Zero Tolerance Game, trade-to-earn (T2E) NFT marketplace, and also shop-to-earn (S2E) mechanisms on its Chimpzee shop.

Chimpzee is taking the fight down to the regular everyday user, incentivizing them to earn passive income while actively sustaining the earth. Early-bird investors who buy $CHMPZ at the current presale price of $0.0006 could easily make 100x in returns once the asset lists at $0.00185.

Hacienda - A Real Estate Project Driven by Blockchain Allowing Users to Earn From Income-generating Properties

Another best presale cryptocurrency in the market, the Hacienda protocol, has been set up with the intention of building country real estate and allowing users to earn passive incomes. These houses are available at discounts and in some of the best locations on the planet.

Hacienda is one initiative that seeks to provide greater context for blockchain technology for everyday use cases. Given the prevalence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), anyone can easily tap into tokenized real estate and earn from anywhere in the world.

This breaks the barriers around demography, providing better earning opportunities for investors. Early-bird investors can tap into this promising project at its current price of $0.4 before it surges to $1.

Goracle - Next-Generation Decentralized Network Using Proof of Stake Powering the Future of Blockchain Development

In the same mold as the Chainlink blockchain, Goracle is an Algorand-based decentralized oracle network (DON). The protocol enables decentralized applications (dApps) to access real-world data required for their operation.

Since blockchain networks are often siloed, Goracle will serve as the bridge connecting these dApps to relevant data. This way, enterprise data will become easily available for successful deployment.

Real-time data will help dApps better adjust to macro events happening in the real world. The project’s presale is scheduled to begin on June 28, 2023.

Mooky - Eco-friendly Meme Token Seeking To Aid Environmental Causes by Planting Trees and Donating to Charity

Rounding up our list of the best crypto presale to invest in is the Mooky crypto project. The blockchain solution is looking to increase environmental consciousness by leveraging the power of NFTs. Mooky offers users 1,000 3D NFTs which track the planting of real-life trees.

To track environmental impact, the Mooky project offers users a tree map that gives them a detailed view of the planted tree. Early-bird investors who tap into this project can get the $MOOK token with a minimum of $20. So far, the meme coin project has raised over $733,000 in its ongoing presale process.

The Verdict

In 2023, Wall Street Memes ($WSM) crypto presents a compelling investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. With its strong community following and ties to Web2 Internet culture, Wall Street Memes taps into the growing trend of meme-based investing. Despite lacking utility, the token acts as an extension of the Wall Street Memes platform, allowing investors to potentially benefit from the movement's popularity.

Additionally, the $50,000 Airdrop competition adds excitement and further incentive to participate. For those seeking unique and potentially profitable investments, Wall Street Memes ($WSM) crypto is worth considering today.

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DISCLAIMER: This is not to be taken as investment advice. Crypto is a volatile asset, do your own research before investing and only invest money you can afford to lose. We may receive commission for clicking links in this article.


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