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10 Best Altcoins to Invest in 2023 - Compare New Altcoin Projects

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Altcoins are alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin - the largest cryptocurrency in the world. We have seen thousands of new cryptos emerge in the past few years, with new tokens offering ever-growing use cases and growth potential.

This guide will review 10 of the best altcoins to buy now as we take an in-depth look at the supported features and the utility these tokens provide.

10 Best Altcoins to Buy Now

The sections below offer a glimpse into the top altcoins we will be reviewing in this guide:

  1.  Wall Street Memes - With the backing of 1 million loyal community,, Wall Street Memes has raised over $2.6 million in a week through the $WSM token presale. Elon Musk interacted with the project on Twitter.

  2.  AiDoge - The $AI presale has already raised $15 million in its presale. It’s building an AI-based meme-generating crypto platform.

  3.  yPredict - With $YPRED, users can purchase monthly subscriptions to crypto models giving detailed insights into the future of the crypto space. $YPRED selling out fast and is priced at $0.09 on presale.

  4.  Launchpad XYZ - This cryptocurrency platform acts as a single entry point for accessing Web3 services such as DEXs, buying fractionalized assets, and creating crypto wallets. Buy $LPX on presale and access multiple trading discounts.

  5.  ecoterra - Earn $ECOTERRA, the native token, on presale by recycling waste using this platform’s Recycle2Earn application.

  6.  DeeLance - This platform leverages blockchain technology to decentralize the freelancing industry. Buy $DLANCE on presale to mint your work into NFTs and connect on a metaverse.

  7. Ethereum - Largest Altcoin in the Crypto Space, Boasting a Market Cap of Over $225 Billion

  8. Polygon - Top 10 Altcoin offering High Throughput and Low Transaction Fees

  9. Solana - Layer-1 Blockchain Processing Up to 65,000 Transactions per Second

  10. Dogecoin - Top Meme Coin which has Offered an ROI of Over 12,000%

10 Best New Altcoins: In-Depth Reviews

In the sections below, we will look at the 10 best altcoins to watch right now. We will review the available features, utility, and prices of each of the 10 cryptos in our list:

1. Wall Street Memes - New Meme Altcoin with 10X Potential which has Raised More than $2.6 Million in a Week Since its Presale Launch

The first altcoin on our list is $WSM, the native token released by the creators of Wall Street Memes. This is a popular crypto and meme platform which launched on social media back in 2019.

Since then, Wall Street Memes has become a large meme movement, garnering over 1 million followers across Instagram and Twitter. It has even attracted the attention of global celebrities, with the likes of Elon Musk engaging with the meme project on Twitter. The platform launched its legacy NFT project, Wall St Bulls, in 2021. The first NFT collection of this project managed to sell out in just half an hour, where 10,000 Ethereum-based NFTs were distributed.

Wall Street Memes has now decided to spread the wealth among its community by launching the $WSM token. While $WSM does not offer any utility, the token will be 100% for the community.

Half the 2 billion token supply is allocated for the ongoing token presale. A further 30% of the token supply will be offered as community rewards, while 20% will be reserved for listings on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

The presale will consist of 30 rounds, giving investors ample time to purchase this trending token. The first presale round raised $500K in two days, with $WSM priced at just $0.025 per token. Currently, the token is priced at $0.0265 per token. By the final round, the price will increase to $0.0337.

Due to the popularity of this project, the Wall Street Memes token will likely be listed on tier-one exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance. The presale aims to raise more than $30 million. Join the Wall Street Memes Telegram group for more updates on this project.

 Visit the Wall Street Memes Presale 

2. AiDoge - Revolutionary Crypto Platform Generating Memes by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

 AiDoge aims to revolutionize the meme crypto space by leveraging artificial intelligence to generate memes in its ecosystem. Memes can be generated on the AI-powered meme generator with credits, which can be purchased with $AI tokens.

The platform uses AI tools, such as NLP (Natural Language Processing), to convert text-based prompts into memes. The AiDoge whitepaper states that it will introduce a public wall where members can share their memes.

A voting mechanism will be introduced through which users can upvote and downvote memes on the public wall. At the end of every month, users receiving the highest votes will get $AI tokens as a reward. $AI can also be staked on the ecosystem to access premium features such as new meme templates and platform enhancements.

After raising $14.9 million through the presale, AiDoge will list the $AI token on exchanges. The exchange listing will take place on June 19th, 2023. The token will be listed at a price of $0.0000336. Join the AiDoge Telegram channel to stay updated with all the new developments surrounding this cryptocurrency.

 Visit AiDoge  

3. yPredict - Get Access to Future Crypto Models with this Next-Gen Trading Platform, Buy $YPRED on Presale Now

 yPredict ($YPRED) is a next-gen trading and research platform that lets users get data-driven insights on the future of the cryptocurrency space. These insights can be accessed through monthly predictive models, which can be purchased with $YPRED - the native token.

The predictive models are launched on a financial marketplace after they have each been verified by the members of yPredict’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The trading insights are formed by leveraging AI trading signals and tools such as sentiment analysis, which determine the buying behavior of particular coins.

yPredict also uses a patent-pending pattern recognition algorithm, which lets members access over 25 charting patterns to conduct technical analysis. One of the best altcoins to watch, $YPRED can also be used to generate passive income in the ecosystem.

10% of all new subscription revenue will be distributed among existing token holders. 15% of all swapping fees collected will also be shared with $YPRED holders through a staking pool. Members can also access a play-to-earn ecosystem to make directional bets on the future of crypto markets and earn token rewards.

Currently, $YPRED is priced at $0.09 during the ongoing presale. The listing price for $YPRED is set at $0.12, equating to a 33.3% price jump from current levels. yPredict has managed to raise nearly $2 million through the ongoing presale.

Interested investors can join the yPredict Telegram channel for more information.

 Visit yPredict Presale 

4. Launchpad XYZ - This Web3.0 Ecosystem will Act as an All-in-one Entry Portal for a Range of DeFi Services

$LPX is the native token of Launchpad XYZ’s all-in-one Web3 ecosystem. After the rise of Web3 services in the past few weeks, Launchpad XYZ aims to launch a portal through which all the important services can be accessed instantly.

Firstly, the platform lets investors create their own Web3 wallet after providing an email address or phone number. Through the wallet, users can easily swap tokens and interact with a range of DApps (Decentralized Applications).

Members can enter Launchpad XYZ’s decentralized exchange (DEX), where hundreds of crypto pairs can be accessed. Those who stake $LPX on the platform can get discounts on trading fees. The platform will also host new Web3 presales and let staked token holders get guaranteed access to these presales.

Launchpad XYZ aims to offer data-driven insights and information on hundreds of crypto tokens. With $LPX, users can also purchase fractionalized assets, purchase NFTs, and stake their digital assets as collateral to take out loans.

$LPX is priced at $0.0445 during the ongoing presale, with the listing price set at $0.0565. The presale has raised over $840K. Stay tuned for new platform updates by joining this cryptocurrency’s Telegram channel and reading the Launchpad XYZ whitepaper.

 Buy Launchpad XYZ on Presale  

5. ecoterra - A Sustainable Cryptocurrency Platform that rewards Users with Free Crypto Tokens for Recycling

 ecoterra is releasing a crypto ecosystem, rewarding members for completing sustainable deeds and protecting the environment. Rewards will be offered as $ECOTERRA, the native token.

One of the key components of ecoterra is its Recycle2Earn application, which is compatible with Reversed Vending Machines (RVMs) worldwide. All members must do is recycle waste using nearby RVMs, and scan the transaction on the ecoterra app. Doing so will result in free $ECOTERRA tokens in your wallets.

Members can stake this altcoin on the ecosystem and use it toward ecological activities such as planting trees and ocean cleanups. $ECOTERRA can also be used to purchase tokenized carbon credits, and companies can use cryptocurrency to purchase recycled materials directly.

The ecoterra whitepaper states that $ECOTERRA has a total supply of 2 billion, 40% of which has been allocated for the presale. Currently, $ECOTERRA is priced at $0.0085 per token. The listing price is set at $0.01, a 17.6% price increase.

ecoterra has raised $4.66 million since the start of the presale. To stay updated with this sustainable cryptocurrency, join the ecoterra Telegram channel.

 Visit ecoterra Presale  

6. DeeLance - Access Decentralized Freelancing Services such as a Metaverse Ecosystem and NFT Marketplace by holding the $DLANCE Crypto Token

The potential to be the next big altcoin, $DLANCE will be a vital part of DeeLance’s decentralized freelancing ecosystem. Freelancers can leverage $DLANCE tokens on this platform to connect with clients on a metaverse.

$DLANCE can be used to purchase virtual land and lease office spaces. Furthermore, the token will be used on DeeLance’s NFT marketplace to tokenize individual works. This removes any chances of copyright infringement and lets freelancers easily transfer ownership to the clients.

Compared to some of the best freelance platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr, DeeLance charges the lowest fees. It takes a 10% commission from freelancers and only 2% fees from clients.

Priced at just $0.038, $DLANCE will be listed at $0.057 per token. Over $1.2 million has been raised since the start of the presale. Read the DeeLance whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information on this cryptocurrency.

 Visit DeeLance Presale 

7. Ethereum - Largest Altcoin in the Crypto Space, Boasting a Market Cap of Over $225 Billion

Ethereum (ETH) has been synonymous with being one of the biggest assets that a crypto investor should hold in their portfolio. The largest altcoin in the world, this cryptocurrency has a live market cap of more than $227 billion.

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains, as it lets developers deploy smart contracts, create DApps, launch NFT collections, and much more. Many have stated that although Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains, it offers low throughput and high transaction costs.

To solve these issues, the platform underwent the much-awaited Ethereum Merge, which saw it transition to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. This has helped reduce the platform’s energy consumption by 99.5%.

Since the start of 2023, Ethereum has jumped from $1,200 to a live price of $1,889 per token, representing a 57.4% price jump. Despite the price jump, ETH is still 60% below its all-time high (ATH) of $4,878.

8. Polygon - Top 10 Altcoin offering High Throughput and Low Transaction Fees

Polygon (MATIC) is a well-structured crypto network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain to help scale the platform. One of the key elements Polygon uses is SDKs (Software Development Kits), which lets them support multiple types of applications.

Moreover, Polygon offers a high throughput and can process up to 7,000 transactions per second (TPS). $MATIC, the native cryptocurrency, is vital in securing the network, processing transactions, and connecting with other blockchain networks.

Currently, Polygon (MATIC) is ranked as the 10th largest crypto in the world, with a market cap of more than $8.3 billion. After being worth just $0.0043 per token in May 2019, this cryptocurrency reached an ATH of $2.9 in December 2021. This equates to a mammoth price increase of 67,341%.

Currently, the token is priced at $0.9, nearly 70% below its previous ATH.

9. Solana - Layer-1 Blockchain Processing Up to 65,000 Transactions per Second

Solana (SOL) is a layer-one blockchain platform created to run scalable and decentralized applications. Similar to Ethereum, Solana also supports smart contracts, allowing developers to deploy DApps on the blockchain.

Users can purchase various Solana-Based NFTs from the various NFT marketplaces created on this blockchain. Notably, Solana has the potential to handle up to 65,000 TPS. The platform can support many validators without compromising the network’s security.

Network fees are paid in SOL, the native token. On average, the blockchain charges a transaction fee of just 0.0001 SOL, which equates to just a few cents. In November 2021, when the crypto markets were at the peak of a bull run, SOL reached an ATH of $259. At the time of writing, the token is trading around the $21 mark.

Currently, SOL is more than 90% below its ATH. The cryptocurrency has a market cap of $8.3 billion.

10. Dogecoin - Top Meme Coin which has Offered an ROI of Over 12,000%

2021 was one of the biggest years for the crypto space, as it witnessed the arrival of meme tokens, which soared due to their large spread community support. But the meme token movement started with Dogecoin (DOGE), which launched in 2013.

This token was based on the popular DOGE meme and was created as a joke. After years of sideways movement, Dogecoin burst onto the scene in 2021. From January 1st, 2021, to December 31st, $DOGE rose from a price of $0.0046 to $0.17. This equates to a price increase of 3,595%.

Since 2021, the price of DOGE has been extremely volatile. As the crypto markets plummeted in 2022, $DOGE dropped by 64%. While the token is still 91% below its ATH, it's still one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. With over 3.8 million Twitter followers and 2.4 million members on Reddit, Dogecoin is one of the most popular altcoins in the world.


This guide has reviewed the 10 best altcoins to invest in 2023. We have covered some of the top presale cryptocurrencies, along with the biggest altcoins in terms of market cap and the use cases they offer. From the cryptos we have reviewed, Wall Street Memes ($WSM) stands out as the best option.

Wall Street Memes is a meme cryptocurrency with over 1 million followers across social media. The presale has already managed to raise over $2.6 million in a week. Could $WSM follow in the footsteps of other viral meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu?

 Visit Wall Street Memes Presale 

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be taken as investment advice. Crypto is a volatile asset, do your own research before investing and only invest money you can afford to lose. We may receive commission for clicking links in this article.


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